Transportation Service

Our company set up by professionals to perform logistics tasks of any complexity. In the cooperation with our customers we adhere to the flexible financial policy, strive to do everything we can to complete your order fully and as soon as possible. We guarantee timely delivery of cargo, its integrity and safety.


Transportation of cargoes by trucks (international and domestic).

Automobile cargo transportation today is considered to be one of the most popular and affordable types of transport services. This type of transportation is a perfect combination of efficiency and economy. Our Company performs international transportation by trucks in various directions, ensuring

  • low cost of transportation;
  • short terms for loading and unloading;
  • cargo safety;
  • cargo delivery at a convenient for the consignee time and place;
  • transportation of cargo on the optimal route;
  • flexibility in scheduling traffic.

Organization of transportation of modular and small consignments to individuals.

Very often, companies, individual entrepreneurs, or just private individuals require the organization of transportation of small consignments. With such volumes, ordering a separate container / vehicle is in most cases irrational – too expensive.

In this case the modular cargo transportation is relevant. Such transportations can reduce the cost of delivery of small-sized cargo of several customers.

The key link in the groupage transportation chain is the consolidation of small consignments of several consignors, the formation of containers / large consignments (for trucking) and their shipment to customers.

Multimodal transportation.

You need to deliver cargo over long distances? To solve this problem choosing only one type of transportation is practically impossible. Our Company offers the quickest and best solution to this problem – the service of multimodal transportation. Today multimodal transportation is the most convenient form of delivery of large consignments over medium and long distances. Through the competent combination of different modes of transport the maximum use of their advantages is achieved. Thanks to the use of multimodal transportation it is possible to implement the principle of delivery “from door to door.”

Container transportation.

One of the main specializations of the Our Company is an organization of international container transportations. This is one of the most reliable ways of cargo delivery – no need to overload the cargo during change of transport modes, the cargo will be once loaded into a container at the consignor and will be unloaded in the consignee’s warehouse. Sea container transportation is one of the most economical types of delivery. The contractual relationships with the major shipping lines enable us to provide high speed, optimal cost and high reliability of container transportation.

Warehousing services.

Компания Our Company  provides a full range of warehousing services, as well as everything related to the transportation, handling and storage of your cargoes:

  • loading and unloading operations using modern specialized equipment;
  • sorting and consolidation of cargo;
  • packaging of cargo;
  • marking and labeling;
  • transshipment;
  • storage of goods;
  • preparation of accompanying documentation.

Warehouse services from our company – it is not only a guarantee of the safety of cargo, but also an active work with the cargo, taking into account its characteristics and the wishes of the client.

Customs services.

Customs clearance is a very difficult and time-consuming procedure that requires professional knowledge of current legislation, currency, tax and customs law, skills in declaration of goods, the competent filling of documents, as well as experience in interaction with the representatives of the regulatory and controlling authorities. Our qualified and experienced specialists will take care of all the questions related to the customs clearance of cargo of your company. We can:

  • act as a liaison between you and the customs office;
  • maximally simplify and shorten the procedure of passing control;
  • minimize risks and downtime of transport;
  • help avoid unexpected additional costs;
  • reduce the time for obtaining permits.

Port forwarding.

Our highly skilled staff constantly monitor the cargo at all stages of processing in the port to speed up the process significantly and to ensure safety of the cargo. We know all the nuances of the freight forwarder actions in preparation of the necessary documentation, the specifics of port authorities and related authorities, and their operation with the customs authorities.

Cargo insurance.

The cargo transportations are often associated with high risk and potential material losses and each cargo owner wants to ensure full protection of their cargo. The volume of our cooperation with the most reliable representatives of the insurance market allows us to offer competitive insurance rates, reliable and beneficial conditions of insurance. We will help you to conclude a contract of insurance that will cover all possible damages during transportation.

Armed escort of transported cargo.

We understand how important it is for you to protect your cargo throughout the route, and therefore offer you to use our services in armed cargo escort. Cooperation with proven and reliable security companies allows us to offer a variety of options for freight escort. Armed escort is carried out using the “from hand to hand” system that provides high safety of the cargo and minimizes your costs.